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Stride Mosquito Repellent

They are a pest to both human and animals; mosquitoes. Besides the itching, the buzzing and general discomfort mosquitoes bring, they also carry malaria. Mosquitoes are equally dangerous to your horses, as they may carry West Nile Virus. Are your horses safe? Read more below on which symptoms to be on the lookout for.

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Perdeberg Bunty is a 10 year old mare who is very prone to Monday morning. Last year in October she nearly died due to Monday morning. Dr Gavin Rous described it as the worst case of Monday Morning that he has ever seen. She was lying down for a week before she got up and I was advised to retire...
Everyone that ever owned a what is perceived as a ' difficult' horse, will know the feeling of relief once you finally stumble onto a solution.....something that works!  Our mare Nabeehah Loreleegh has always been a very talented individual, a sweet horse at home, but stressed and unmanageable in...