Naturally reduce or prevent equine stress.

Applied directly to the nostrils.

Confidence EQ® is an equine appeasing pheromone 1% gel that has been clinically proven to reduce stress in horses facing new and challenging environments. Pheromones are chemical signals exchanged between members of the same animal species. They are a form of communication that trigger various behaviors, such as alarm, reproduction, territory marking and mother-baby bonding. They are not odors or hormones, so they do not affect cell function.
Mares release an equine appeasing pheromone (EAP) towards their nursing foal. Confidence EQ® replicates this pheromone, offering the same behavioral benefits in horses of all ages

• Provides reassurance and emotional stabilization.
• Signifies a safe and secure environment.
• Promotes focus and learning in training situations.


Lesley Lunn, owner of Lone Star shows us a video of her Dressage horse whose career was cut short because of noise phobia.

Here is a before and after using Confidence EQ®

“This is the first donkey that I have tried it on. Usually a vet has to sedate her to have her feet done”

“14 years ago I bought a very neglected horse from a scrap metal dealer in Soweto. Pas de Deux (Paddy) as I named him has never forgotten that he was hungry for the first 3 years of his life. Even after all this time he becomes frantic at meal times just in case he is not getting fed. As you will see from the videos he has actually damaged the stable wall and dirtied it where he wipes his face on it while waiting for food.

This morning I videod him getting breakfast. The noise that you hear is him knocking the door with his knees and stamping on the floor

This evening I used the Confidence EQ 30 minutes before feeding time. In my opinion he was much better and behaved like any horse waiting for food. There was no banging or stamping and the noise you hear is the groom clanking feed dishes for the pig, dogs etc.
See what you think”



“25min vooraf gegee. Hy was effe besig en toe relax hy net. Hy hou glad nie daarvan as vreemde mense aan hom begin vat en druk nie.
Maar hyt net gestaan. Oë het nou en dan bietjie groter gegaan maar verder was hy so chill! Lance het sy agtervoete opgetel en gesterk en hyt niks gedoen nie…en dis eintlik ñ issue by hom!
Ek is nie biased omdat ek jou ken nie… die produk werk!

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A Natural Solution

Horses are sensitive to their environment and can overreact when faced with stressful situations such as:

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“Hi Dr Catton

First test done!

Estelle rode Apollo this afternoon a 40 km in the game camp.  They applied the Confidence EQ 30 min before she started.

He was definitely calm and did not blink an eye for the gemsbok, springbok or zebras.

She said she felt the difference when she rode him compared to yesterday in the sheep camp close to the house without Confidence EQ.

The next test will be at Sandveld Ride on 10 September when she will do a ‘practice’ 80 km before SAIC.

We will update you again after that ride where there will be a few more horses around him.”

Marlene Prat


Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist

“Hi Dr Catton

Another test done with Confidence EQ!

This time with Rudann Dundee.

Estelle started with this novice horse in January with lots of issues.  We had Andre Grobbelaar helping Estelle as well to sort out some behaviour.

At the Sondela ride in May, Estelle got on Dundee and was about to start when he just freaked out and started with some serious bucking.  We suspect he had separation anxiety when he had to leave our other two horses.  Needless to say Estelle fell off and tore the ligaments in her right ankle.  Had some surgery done and only riding now again.

This morning Estelle and Suenette (the breeder) used a sachet of the Confidence EQ on Dundee.  Suenette rode him and he was as tame as a lamb!

Confidence EQ works if Dundee is a “little lamb”!

Thank you for letting us try this product!  It really makes a difference.

Marlene Prat


Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist

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