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The Strider - 5th edition

Wed, 2013-07-10 13:16 -- superadmin

Dear Stride Client,
Stride is very pleased to be able to introduce this new product in the Space Spray Aerosol market
for the control of flies and mosquitoes in abodes. It represents a new era in that the active ingredients that are utilized in this product are different to all competitive products.  sprayThis product is composed of a
 patented blend of active ingredient that includes 3 natural plant extract oils (limonene, tagete and alpha-terpineol) in combination with piperonyl butoxide. The 3 natural plant oils are ingredients which are utilized both in the flavouring industry (for food) as well as the cosmetic industry.

This particular combination was chosen because they are biodegradeable and also shown to be safe and free from problems concerning pollution or environmental impact.  We believe these characteristics allowed us to be able to call this

The product has been developed over more than 5 years and a patent exists on this formulation.  The product was tested by the South African Bureau of Standards – the recognized official body for testing mosquito repellents in South Africa.

The aerosol is placed in a dispenser which has a time control mechanism for allowing the space spray to be actuated at varying intervals as well as it being able to operate on a 24 hour basis.  The aerosol can contains sufficient contents to spray approximately every 15 minutes for a period of 720 hours (30 days).  It is preferable that the machine is set to operate 24 hours a day and the can is suitable for premises up to 180m2.  An acceptable knockdown of flies and mosquitoes will be observed after two hours of metered spraying.

This main difference with this product is that it contains ingredients that are extracted from plants which in one case is insecticidal as well as insect repellent, while the majority of the
ingredients have an insect repellent effect.  The vehicle of the formulation is an alcohol system that evaporates, as do the volatile plant oils (which can be smelt by the distinct citrus fragrance of limonene).  The greatest efficacy that can be expected from this product – is when the unit is placed in a strategic position so that it doesn’t spray over plastic surfaces, food or areas where food is prepared, or an open flame or any electrical equipment that could induce combustion.

Flies and insects enter abodes either through windows or doors and if the spray is located at a high level close to these entry points, it is likely to be more effective.
Kind Regards,