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Rigly Shyne Shampoo

rigly shyne shampoo

Trust RIGLY' SHYNE SHAMPOO for a perfectly healthy shiny coat.
DESCRIPTION: Finally, there's a shampoo designed especially for the professional equine groomer. Rigly Shyne Shampoo is an economic and efficient cleansing product that leaves the hair coat clean, soft and bright.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Wet coat of horse thoroughly with water. Apply sufficient Rigly Shyne Shampoo to form a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Although the use of warm water in washing and rinsing is preferred, the use of either warm or cold water will provide the same results and shine.

CAUTION: For external animal use only. Keep out of horse's eyes and ears.
PRESENTATION: 1litre, 5litre & 25litre

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