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FEATURES AND BENEFITS: THRIVE modifies the digestion of hard feed and grain concentrates to prevent grain intoxication, to improve digestibility and nutrient uptake, and to provide a source of amino acids and trace minerals. THRIVE has particular value in horses receiving high grain diets, to reduce gut problems associated with such diets, and to significantly reduce the incidence of feed related colic cases. Sodium hydrogen montmorillonite is a smectite earth (natural mineral clay) which influences the fermentation and digestion of proteins and carbohydrate in the large bowel of the horse. THRIVE increases the efficiency of digestion and nutrient uptake by slowing the passage of foodstuffs through the intestine. It slows the over rapid fermentation of grain in the caecum and large bowel and absorbs the toxic grain acids that result from high grain diets. It increases the amount of beneficial acetate resulting from grain fermentation, and provides the necessary mineral supplementation.

Montmorillonite binds the bacteria and toxins produced in an abnormal gut environment. Calcium carbonate is added to the formulation to balance the action of montmorillonite and to potentiate its effect in maintaining post-prandial caecal pH at normal levels. THRIVE is of particular value to: Enable growing and working horses to utilise feed more efficiently. Improve the digestibility of concentrates, grains, and commercial feeds. Help reduce incidence of colic, diarrhoea and endotoxaemia. Help to calm horses which become nervous on grain feed. Improve development in young growing horses and brood mares. Improve weight gain and feed conversion efficiency.

Reg No. V16850 Act 36/1947


Sodium hydrogen montmorillonite                                                                    630 g/kg

Enzyme Blend (Maltase 700, Protease, Cellulase)                                     0,75 g/kg

Lysine                                                                                                                  100,0 g/kg

Methionine                                                                                                          150,0 g/kg



Sodium hydrogen montmorillonite, Calcium carbonate, Methionine, Lysine,

Digestive enzymes: (Maltase, Protease, Cellulase, Lipase, Pepsin, Amylase).



  • Foals and Weanlings: 50g (2 scoops) daily.
  • Horses in Work: 75g (3 scoops) daily.
  • Stallions and Brood Mares: 100g (4 scoops) daily.
  • Mix THRIVE through feed, allow to stand for 10-15 minutes before feeding.


  • THRIVE 5kg pail (about 60 days supply)
  • THRIVE 20kg bucket (about 240 days supply)
  • THRIVE is a feed grade powder suitable for mixing into damp feeds.

NOTE: THRIVE is not a supplement: it is a unique digestive aid to improve digestibility of feed, improve feed conversion efficiency, and reduce the risks of high concentrate rations.

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