Electrolyte replacer for horses Acid salt mixture (aerobic salt formulation)

SWEATMIX is a concentrated mixture of body salts that prevents the development of Alkalosis due to the loss of potassium and chloride salts when horses sweat heavily. It is especially formulated for horses performing the majority of their work at speeds below 400 meters/minute (walk, jog, trot, light canter) where the duration of exercise, or climatic conditions, result in HEAVY SWEAT LOSS. SWEATMIX is recommended for horses that are classified as heavy sweaters.



  • All horses in training or racing under climatic conditions that result in heavy sweat loss.
  • All horses performing continuous workloads for extended periods resulting in accumulative heavy sweat loss.
  • All horses training or racing under seasonal hot humid conditions, particularly the summer months.
  • All horses that have been diagnosed by your veterinarian with signs of HYPOCHLORAEMIA and ALKALOSIS.

SWEATMIX combined with other support treatment is recommended for heavily sweating horses that have a history of developing tying-up syndrome when exercised. Consult your veterinarian for advice.

SWEATMIX is recommended for the following equine athletes:

  • All endurance horses
  • Pacers/Trotters
  • Trial and draught horses
  • Show jumpers and dressage
  • Hacks and eventers
  • Polo/polocrosse horses
  • Heavy sweating horses
  • Yearlings during sale period
  • Horses travelling long distances
  • Horses working under hot/humid conditions

Continuous heavy sweat output, without adequate replacement with a balanced salt mixture for heavy sweat conditions, can result in the build-up of excess alkaline salts (Alkalosis) in the blood. Affected horses develop signs of thick windedness (blowing after exercises), become more excitable (fizzy, nervy, shadow jump, ill mannered) and fatigue more easily (stop during work, recover poorly). Many horses become poor drinkers with a dry, pinched up coat, and thick in the urine due to chronic dehydration. Hard working horses may also have a tendency to tie up due to deficiencies and fatigue.

SWEATMIX is especially formulated with high levels of potassium (20,9%) and chloride (43,9%) to replace these vital salts lost in heavy sweat. The addition of a small amount of acid (3,4%) helps to ensure maximum electrolyte absorption and counteract ALKALOSIS in affected horses. A blood test may be used to confirm the condition of ALKALOSIS. This diagnosis is best left to your veterinarian. A daily dose of SWEATMIX, either in the feed or water, will encourage horses to drink more water, correct chronic dehydration, increase urine flow, increase general vitality and help ensure maximum performance potential.

Each 1kg of SWEATMIX contains:
Sodium ions: 118,0g
Magnesium ions: 9,8g
Chloride ions: 438,5g
Calcium ions: 40,5g
Potassium ions: 209,8g
Sulphate ions: 13,0g

SWEATMIX can be mixed into the feed or water (45g/25L). When mixed with adequate volumes of water (45-90g/5L) SWEATMIX can be given as a pre-race drench to horses under hot/humid conditions to help replace vital body salts, correct dehydration and counteract heavy sweat loss. Stomach drenching with SWEATMIX by a veterinarian should be given 36-48 hours prior to racing or competition.



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