Stride psyllium plus 10 x 125gr Sachets


Psyllium Plus (10 x 125gr Sachets)


A nutritional aid in the management of sand colic and sand associated diarrhoea in horses

STRIDE PSYLLIUM PLUS is specifically designed to be a nutritional aid in the management of sand colic and sand

associated diarrhoea in horses.


Each 125 g sachet contains – 123,7g Psyllium (100% pure) + 1,25g Inulin (Fructo-Oligosaccharide) OR

Each 1 000g of powder contains 990g Psyllium + 10 g Inulin.


Aids in the management of sand colic and sand associated diarrhoea in horses


Acute Sand Colic


1 Sachet per 500 kg                        bodyweight Once daily for 10 days


Add to food


Chronic Sand Colic


1 Sachet per 500 kg bodyweight Once daily for a minimum of

10 days

Add to food


Prophylactic control in areas of high incidence of sand colic 1 Sachet per 500 kg bodyweight Once daily during times of high risk. Alternate day dosing may be effective in some cases Add to food



  • For use in horses only
  • Before use, consulting your veterinarian is advised
  • Ensure adequate fresh clean drinking water is available at all times
  • Do not give to horses that are dehydrated
  • Although this herbal supplement has been proven to be effective, failure may result due to a wide range of reasons
  • Primary control of sand colic is the prevention of access to sandy areas and the avoidance of sand ingestion


Box containing 10 x 125 g sachets, or Bucket with Scoop – 1,25 kg or 12,5 kg


Store sealed below 25⁰C in a dry place

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The Elsevier Veterinary Journal includes an original article with the Title: Investigation of the treatment of sand

accumulations in the equine large colon with psyllium and magnesium sulphate. **

Authors: K. E. Niinistӧ, M. O. Ruohoniemi, F. Freccero, M. R. Raekallio.


This states – Intestinal sand accumulations are commonly treated medically, but randomised controlled clinical

trials on horses are scarce. Two groups comprising 20 untreated control horses and 20 horses treated with 1 g/kg

body weight of psyllium and 1 g/kg bodyweight of magnesium sulphate – administered by nasogastric incubation

once daily for 4 days.

The result was that – significantly more treated horses cleared their sand accumulations than horses in the control



Conclusion: This study demonstrated that medical treatment of horses with sand accumulation in the large colon

by daily nasogastric tubing of a combination of psyllium and magnesium sulphate for 4 days resolved the sand

accumulation more efficiently than only preventing access to  soil.


Prebiotic inulin – Reviewed paper: Useful dietary adjuncts to manipulate the livestock gut microflora. **

Authors: A. K. Samanta, Natasha Jayapal, S. Senani, A. P. Kolte, Manpal Sridhar.


In recent years, there has been growing appreciation of the relevance of gastrointestinal microflora in both

Ruminants and non-ruminants. Unlike other feed additives, prebiotic exhibits their effect in multipronged ways for

overall increase in the performances of the animals, by enabling modulation of gut flora.


The combination of psyllium together with inulin assists the gastro and intestinal tract microflora to clear sand

accumulations but maintain an advantageous balance of gut microflora.

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