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Horses that – Run their race before the start, compete whilst waiting to go into the ring, quiet at home, nervy
and insecure at shows, fizzy on just a bit of grain, erratic, unpredictable behaviour and
sweating heavily, cow pat scours during transport, with “nervy jitters” prior to competition,
drained out performance, shying at just about everything.
All these can lead to poor performance and in many cases worsening of the problem with time. High grain diets, inexperience and immaturity, abounding fitness and “willingness”, or even “nervous expectation” can contribute to “nervy”, “fizzy” and unpredictable temperament. For these and numerous other reasons, you may need to consider giving your horse a course of RIGLY EQUICALM.


Vitamin B deficiency has been shown experimentally in animals to be associated with increased excitement of the nervous system.
In practice, it has been used in nervous horses for its calming effect. Over the years, nervous, erratic behaviour has also been associated with a relative deficiency of the mineral magnesium in the diet of horses, especially those on high grain feeds. Hard work, heavy sweat output all deplete magnesium levels, leading to nervous temperament, stiffness in action and other muscle related problems that reduce performance.

TRYPTOPHANE Tryptophane increases the synthesis of serotonin (5-hydroxy-tryptamine, 5-HT) in the brain and therefore stimulates 5-HT release and function. Serotonin is a central neurotransmitter in the brain with the following effects: Sedative, modulating pain perception, inhibitory effect on aggression, improvement in depression and anxiety. Because it is a natural constituent of the diet, tryptophane has a low toxicity and produces few side effects.

The ingredients in RIGLY EQUICALM and TRANQUIL as a feed supplement are permitted for use in racing and show horses, even on the day of competition. The blend of essential B-complex vitamins, with high levels of magnesium, gives TRANQUIL beneficial effects in horses with nervous conditions responsive to higher doses of these essential nutrients. The combination of vitamin B1, B2, B6 and magnesium also assists in the utilisation of high energy rations and efficient energy use in working muscles.

RIGLY EQUICALM contains a specifically balanced combination of vitamins and tryptophane (normal feed ingredients) to act as a natural calmative when this effect is desired. VITAMINS RIGLY EQUICALM contains selected vitamins, which form an essential part of several enzyme systems. Some of these enzymes play a direct role in the activity of the nervous system, stimulating peripheral nerves.

These vitamins are closely involved with many different metabolic pathways, some of which include a direct relationship with tryptophane. Shortages of these vitamins will influence tryptophane utilisation and vice versa. RIGLY EQUICALM is formulated from high quality natural ingredients. TRANQUIL contains high levels of a stable form of Vitamin B1, which helps ensure a prolonged potency, even when used as a supplement on an occasional basis. TRANQUIL contains a high magnesium content to ensure that relative feed deficiencies and depletion of blood levels in nervy, sweaty horses is corrected.

When used regularly, can be of great assistance in the training, education, handling and transport of racing, show, pleasure and other performance horses with nervous temperaments responsive to Vitamins B1, B-complex co-factors and magnesium.



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