Electrolyte Replacer for Horses Alkaline Salt Mixture. (Anaerobic Salt Formulation) STRESSMIX is an alkaline salt mixture, especially formulated for horses performing at speeds at above 400 m/min (fast trot, canter, gallop). STRESSMIX contains the alkaline salts bicarbonate and citrate to aid buffering capacity of the blood during fast muscular activity. It contains adequate levels of chloride and potassium salts to replace those lost by horses performing over short distances of high speed, or under cool-moderate climatic conditions, with LIGHT (normal) sweat loss.


Rapid muscular activity (anaerobic exercise) results in the build-up of LACTIC ACID and other metabolites in the muscle cells, muscle tissues and the blood. Alkaline salts are added to the diet to aid in the neutralisation of excess lactic acid in high performance horses. Accumulation of excess lactic acid, common in unfit horses, or those pushed too fast too early in training, can lead to muscle stiffness and soreness, blowing up or swelling in the muscle tissues, particularly in the large muscles of the rump and rear legs. Affected horses go off their feed, lose impulsion, often appear sore and develop sour behaviour. STRESSMIX has been formulated to counteract ACIDOSIS in fast gaited horses. STRESSMIX contains both the bicarbonate (11,6 %) and citrate (17,5 %) salts to safely and effectively neutralise ACIDOSIS. The two alkaline salts in STRESSMIX, plus relatively high levels of potassium (10,9 %) help ensure more efficient control of ACIDOSIS and adequate balance of essential salts to maximise muscular activity.


All horses performing and working under cool-moderate climatic conditions that result in normal sweat loss and mild dehydration. All horses performing at speeds above 400 m/minute. All horses in training that develop symptoms of ACIDOSIS (muscle stiffness, soreness, Blowing-up, fatigue and mild cramping) when introduced to fast work. All horses that run their race before the start from over excitement and suffer symptoms of ACIDOSIS and fatigue, but sweat lightly. COMPOSITION STRESSMIX contains: Bicarbonate ions, Potassium ions, Magnesium ions, Chloride ions, Sodium ions, Citrate ions, Sulphate ions. STRESSMIX is recommended for: GALLOPERS, SPRINT HORSES (training and racing), PACERS (racing), POLO/POLOCROSSE, EVENTERS during competition under cool-moderate climatic conditions. SHOW JUMPERS, DRESSAGE, HACKS, PONIES normal sweating output/cool climates, early training. All horses with symptoms of ACIDOSIS after exercise. NOTE A change from STRESSMIX to SWEATMIX may be necessary to match changes in work, sweat output or climatic conditions changing during training.


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