Rigly Skeletal Supplement


RIGLY ® SKELETAL SUPPLEMENT is a vitamin-mineral supplement for growing horses and lactating mares.  It is also used as a supportive treatment in calcium deficiency. RIGLY ® SKELETAL SUPPLEMENT provides calcium, important for the maintenance of a rigid skeleton, teeth and the normal function of the nervous and muscular system as well as cardiac function.  The clotting mechanism of blood and the quality of milk are dependent on the presence of adequate concentrations of calcium.

RIGLY ® SKELETAL SUPPLEMENT also provides a source of vitamin A and E to horses.  Vitamin E is required to regulate the oxidation processes in the body.  This anti-oxidant effect is linked to the metabolism of Vitamin A, whose effect is mainly on the epithelial tissues.  The trace elements are required for haemoglobin formation and correct growth.

Directions for use: 100 g daily, mixed with feed.

Contents per kg:

Calcium 320 g Iron 1,300 mg
Phosphorus 68 g Copper 432 mg
Magnesium 4,9 g Cobalt 41 mg
Vitamin A 25 000 iu Manganese 697 mg
Vitamin E 500 iu Zinc 618 mg
Fluoride 7 mg Potassium 66 mg
Sulphur 1,9 g Iodine 21 mg


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