Bio-Derm Forte


Reg No. V16560 Act 36/1947


Biotin 2 g/kg
Methionine 60 g/kg
Choline 45 g/kg
Inositol 20 g/kg
Zinc 30 g/kg
Vitamin E 5 000 iu/kg


For improving and maintaining the hoof horn integrity in horses.
For improving general coat and skin condition.

Since biotin is very efficiently excreted from the body, Bio-Derm Forte must be supplemented every day.  A marked improvement in hoof quality can only be expected after 2 – 3 months.  Treatment should continue for at least 6 – 9 months and preferably for the life of the animal, because of the slow response to supplementation.

Bio-Derm Forte is palatable and readily accepted by most horses.  Should a horse tend to blow it off the feed, it can be mixed with a little molasses or dosed to the horse directly by mouth or in a bran ball.

Many horses suffer from defective hoof horn formation which is seen as crumbling at the lower edges, cracking and uneven wear.  This makes them very prone to poor conformation, and unsteady on stony ground, etc.

Biotin/zinc supplementation at levels considerably higher than normal dietary requirements, strengthens hoof horn, improves conformation and makes corrective trimming and/or shoeing easier (consult your veterinarian on this aspect).


Horses – 5 – 10 g per day.
Dogs – 5 g per day.
Cats – 5 g per day.

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