Rigly® Plastic Skin RX


This product is an aerosol presentation of a quick drying plasticised material that forms a thin skin when it is dry.  It is available in a 150 mℓ aerosol container which is convenient to administer and which prevents the product deteriorating.

As with all aerosols, it should be recognized that the propellant system is inflammable and also that this would cause irritation to eyes, if incorrectly utilized.  The aerosol can should be stored in a safe place away from children, uninformed persons and animals, as well as nowhere near heaters or hot stoves or in direct sunlight – as it could trigger the can to explode.  In addition it is strongly recommended that the can never be punctured or be incinerated.  When application takes place, one should avoid inhalation and to spray upwind

It is not recommended that this be applied over infected wounds.  It however can be applied to small lesions to prevent contamination and should therefore be applied 5 cm above the area to which it is applied.   It is best applied in short bursts onto the surface that is being treated.  It should be noted that the formulation does not contain any disinfectant or antimicrobial compounds and is simply for topical application.  It should be applied in a thin layer over the area and then left to dry (which can be expected within 2 minutes under normal environmental conditions).

When the can has been depleted, dispose of the can responsibly.

AVAILABILITY: 150 mℓ aerosol can

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