Rigly MSM Plus 250ml


Reg No. V 17043 Act/Wet 36/1947

(Class: A Sulphur and Herbal Supplement for horses)

(Klas: ‘n Swael an Kruie Supplement vir perde)




MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane)……………………………………200,0 g/l

Ginkgo, Wormwood, Yarrow and Echinacea Blend…………….65,0 g/l                                                


For animal use only.

Not for use in pregnant or lactating mares



It aids in the promotion of gastro-intestinal health, is an aid in inflammation modulation, is an aid in the management of locomotive  and joint disorders, and is an aid in improving nutrient absorption of certain minerals.  It is also a natural anti-oxidant.  The Herbal blend (Ginkgo, Echinaea, Wormwood and Yarrow) is a combination of herbs known to aid in inflammation modulation.



The recommended maintenance dose is 10 – 20 ml per day.

20 – 30 ml per day for 7 days has been used initially to reduce symptoms.

The most effective dosage regimen is routine daily administration.

Single doses are not usually effective.

Rigly MSM Plus can be administered together with Rigly Gluco Lube.

Take up with oral syringe and give to horse orally (over back of tongue).

If the horse shows little or no response after 30 days, it is recommended that the case be reviewed by a veterinarian.



Store at room temperature (25 °C).



It has been suggested that MSM and its related compounds DMSO and DMS provide 85 % of the sulphur found in all living organisms.  The cycle of these naturally occurring sulphur compounds begins in the ocean where microscopic plankton release sulphur compounds called dimethyl-sulphonium salts.  These salts are transformed in the ocean into the very volatile compounds DMS which escapes from the water as gas, which rises into the upper atmosphere.  Exposed to ozone and high energy ultra violet light, the DMS is converted to DMSO and MSM.  Both the DMSO and MSM are very soluble in water and they return to the surface of the earth in rainwater.  Plants then take up the two compounds into their root systems concentrating them up to 100 fold.  MSM (sulphur) is incorporated into the plant structure.  Through the process of plant metabolism the MSM, along with the other sulphur compounds, it has spawned, are ultimately mineralised and transported back to the ocean and the sulphur cycle begins again.

MSM is a stable, odourless and colourless crystalline end product of the methyl-s-methane chemical series.  This series of compounds has been recently determined to be an important supplier of bio-available sulphur to the earth’s plant and animal life.

MSM can be administered orally to horses and other animals without rejection due to unusual smell or taste.  Although the use of MSM has been mostly for prophylaxis of just about any unhealthy condition, those who have prescribed MSM make many claims as to the benefits it brings to the patient.  Some of the potential pharmacological uses of MSM are as an aid in:

Moderating allergic reactions

Moderating gastrointestinal tract upsets from many causes, including diet and oral drugs

Improving nutrient absorption of certain materials.

Reducing discomfort and inflammation

Is a natural antioxidant.

While sulphur is required by both plants and animals, neither can use elemental sulphur directly.  Dr Robert Herschler, a leading MSM researcher, believes that methyl-s-methanes are important sources and storage forms of bioavailable sulphur for both plants and animals.  Following ingestion of radio-labelled MSM (S35), every normal organo-sulphur compound so far isolated assays positive for the incorporated label.

This confirms both bioavailability and non-selective utility.  MSM donates sulphur for the biosynthesis of both methionine and cystine – important protein building amino acids.  Sulphur derived from MSM is also found in keratin (hoof, horn and hair protein), serum albumins, connective tissue, immunoglobuilin G and transferrin.  Sulphur bonds derivable from MSM also sustain proper conformation of specific enzyme molecules; an absolute requirement for proper functions.  This means that MSM is the most stable and convenient source of the macro-nutrient supplement for the horse or other animals.  It is readily accepted food, and is legally marketed as such.

Ginkgo is described as having allergic reactions modulation plus platelet activating factor antagonist effects.


Echinacea is described as having immune system stimulatory effects.

Wormwood is described as an aid in promoting health and allergy modulation activity.

Yarrow is described as a blood circulation enhancer with anti-inflammation modulating properties.


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