Rigly Liver Tonic


Rigly Liver Tonic is a palatable powder liver tonic that helps to optimise hepatic function. Performance and racing horses are required to maintain peak condition in order to perform successfully at today’s high standards. In striving to maintain these high levels of performance, the horses are exposed to a high variety of stress factors including hard training, handling, altered diets and housing conditions. A commonly observed reaction is the development of stress induced appetite reduction. A high proportion of what appears to be feeding problems and possible nutrient imbalance or deficiency in the horse might be a temporary or semi permanent liver dysfunction.

Hepatic dysfunction and failure may be as a result of a large number of conditions. These conditions may be classified as being primary – those affecting the liver directly, or secondary – where the liver is affected as part of a more generalised disorder. Primary hepatic malfunctions can be caused by ragwort, and other forms of plant poisoning, the effects of mouldy feeds, worms, Leptospirosis, liver fluke, chemical drugs, anthelmintic excess and steroids. Secondary conditions can be caused by chronic acidosis, anorexia, hyperlipidaemia, abscesses, lesions and hyperadrenocorticism. General signs of possible liver malfunction: Weight loss Behavioural changes Dullness Ataxia (muscle inco-ordination) Tremors Photosensitive dermititis (usually muzzle and lower limbs). Progressive hair loss Susceptibility to abdominal pain manifested as mild to serve colic.

Foul faecal odour Impaired blood coagulation The remarkable capacity of the liver to regenerate means that mild impairment is rarely associated with any of the classic signs of hepatic disease. It is not until half of the liver cells hepatocytes are damaged or destroyed that clinical signs of liver failure become apparent. Prior to liver failure, signs of liver damage can only be detected by signs of mood changes, lack of energy and lack of appetite. Over a long period such signs of liver dysfunction may start to manifest themselves as the above general signs. Ideally regeneration keeps pace with degeneration, especially in the young, however sometimes this is not the case and due to primary and secondary causes, the repair is hampered. Rigly Liver Tonic helps to stimulate liver cell production, helping the horse to help itself. Rigly Liver Tonic is particularly useful when supernumerary detoxification is necessary additional to the every day detoxification.

The extra detoxification is as a result of parasites e.g. after biliary, medicines, plant toxins, Leptosirosis, liver fluke and the effects of stress and disease. Therefore good management and feeding regimes minimise the damage to the liver and improves the quality of the horse’s immediate life and its ability to cope with old age. In times of overload the liver can be helped to return to optimum functioning using Rigly Liver Tonic,which contains:

VITAMIN B GROUP: Ensures an adequate supply of metabolic co-factors.
VITAMIN E: Is an essential anti-oxidant. VITAMIN K: Supplements hepatic stores which may be rapidly depleted during liver disease.

PANGAMIC ACID AND THIOCTIC ACID: Enhances liver functioning and are protectants. Directions for use: Add the required amount to a small quantity of food or mix with some water and dose the horse. Foals/Young horses: 15g/day Adult horses: 20-30g/day Continue with supplementation for at least 1 week or until the horse clearly needs no further supplementation.

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