Oral rehydration concentrate solution for horses.

RECHARGE is a concentrated solution of body salts, glucose and glycine formulated for dilution with drinking water. RECHARGE drink rapidly restores fluid and electrolyte levels depleted by strenuous exercise and sweat loss in horses. RECHARGE drink should be offered as the first drink when a horse is thirsty following exercise or transport. RECHARGE drink has a unique taste that is accepted by most horses. In severely dehydrated horses, larger volumes of RECHARGE drink may be administered by stomach tube. The wide range of dilutions and dose volumes are designed to match the specific requirements of individual classes of working and performance horses.

COMPOSITION                      Each litre of RECHARGE concentrate contains:



Solution g/l

Made-up Solution 80 ml in

2 litres water mmol/l

Sodium ions (Na+) 40,45 70,4
Potassium ions (K+) 30,36 31,1
Chloride ions (Cl) 63,96 72,1
Phosphate ions (PO43-) 23,17 29,4
Magnesium ions (Mg 2+) 3,1 10,3
Sulfate ions (SO42-) 12,3 10,3


260,00 Total Osmolarity (by measurement)
Glycine 40,00 288 mOsm/kg

RECHARGE concentrate contains sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium salts in the approximate molar ratio that these salts are depleted by exercise and sweat loss in horses. The inclusion of glucose and glycine promotes rapid intestinal absorption of sodium and other salts to replenish blood levels after exercise. The standard dilution rate of 80 millilitres RECHARGE concentrate per 2 litres water is isotonic (288 mOsm/kg) with plasma and body fluids (277-295 mOsm/kg) to ensure rapid physiological uptake. Field studies have indicated that RECHARGE drink offered during the cooling down period after exercise aids recovery from physical stress and fatigue, and helps prevent dehydration in hard working horses. When routinely offered after work, most horses relish the taste and will select the RECHARGE drink in preference to water. The inclusion of a unique flavour mix ensures that the isotonic saline solution is well accepted by most horses. However, some horses may prefer a more diluted form initially.

As an aid in restoring fluid and electrolyte levels depleted by strenuous exercise and sweat loss during training, racing, competition and transport in all performance horses.

RECHARGE concentrate is to be diluted with clean drinking water. Easy to follow dilution and volume guidelines are given on the label for making up solution to restore electrolyte and fluid levels following light, moderate and heavy work.
Some horses may prefer a more diluted form initially until they accept the RECHARGE drink as a routine after exercise. Recommendations for special dose rates for stomach tube administration to severely dehydrated horses are also provided.

Ensure a separate supply of clean, fresh drinking water is also available after offering a RECHARGE drink. Although RECHARGE is formulated to replenish electrolyte and fluid levels after exercise, it is recommended that an electrolyte replacer (STRESSMIX or SWEATMIX) be also routinely supplemented to ensure total daily electrolyte needs in performance horses are satisfied.



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