Fly Sheet


This sheet has been developed to protect horses from external parasites that bite or irritate on the top-line of the body – in particular house flies, mosquitoes and Culicoides midges

The sheet is manufactured from a plastic gauze which means that it is fairly robust and does not tear easily, although horses might roll with it or rub against fencing, doors, etc. The fabric is UV treated to protect from sun damage plus it does not absorb water if it rains. The plastic outer surface of the sheet is sprayed with D- fend 5 WP which has been shown by SABS tests to be both insecticidal and repellent for houseflies and repellent for mosquitoes. Our recommendation is that the sheet is sprayed with D- fend 5WP weekly except if it rains – then it will be washed off.

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Fly Sheet

Arab Small (with neck protection), Arab Small (without neck), Large Warmblood (with neck protection), Large Warmblood (without neck), Thoroughbred (med) (with neck protection), Thoroughbred (med) (without neck)

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