(Reg. No. G2960 Act 36/1947)

Equiwash is an antiseptic for treatment of wounds, cuts and grazes. It contains a low foam detergent to assist in cleansing areas. The product can be used as an overall body disinfectant rinse, refreshner and coat conditioner due to its content of lavender oil. In horses where skin infections are present or where allergic type conditions like veld (grass) mange, sweet itch are likely to result in skin infections – the application of EQUIWASH will aid in the control of skin problems.

Equiwash is also recommended for stable and yard disinfections, as well as for preventive treatment when moving or introducing new horses.

Equiwash is available as a concentrated solution for dilution in water at the recommended rate of 1 to 200 which is the equivalent of including 50 m in 10  of water. It can be used at a more concentrated dilution of 1 to 50 where there is skin damaged and where it needs to be applied on a daily basis. It can also be used undiluted where one wants the antiseptic properties at the highest concentration, where it can be applied to open cuts and sores or abrasions.

It is important that at all times before using Equiwash, any dirt or other applications like shampoos, etc., should be removed before applying the Equiwash solution. LEAVE EQUIWASH ON TO DRY AT ALL TIMES.

This product contains the antiseptic cetrimide – 6 g/. It is available in quantities of 200 ml, 500ml, and a ready to use handspay – 750 ml.


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