Dispenser – Natural Fly & Mosquito Spray


A space spray aerosol for the control of flies and mosquitos in abodes.

easy to use

  • Kills Flies & Mosquitos ( Plus pyrethroid/pyrethrin resistant)
  • No Pesticide Odour
  • Proven Efficacy

This product is composed of a patented blend of active ingredients that includes three natural plant extract oils ( limonene, tagete and alphaterpineol) in combination with piperonyl butoxide.

It was tested at the South African Bureu of Standards, to confirm its efficacy against house flies and mosquitos. The 3 natural plant oils are ingredients which are utilized both in the flavouring industry for food as well as in the cosmetic industry. The selection of the ingredients – was to ensure a safe formulation and to include ingredients which are known to be non pollutants or pose any safety issues. The activity ingredients are formulated in an alcohol propellant system that evaporates and it has a citrus fragrance.

Dosage and Directions

The aerosal can is placed in a dispenser which has a time control mechanism that allows the aerosal to spray at intervals e.g. 15, 30, 45 minuts on a continuous basis. The dispensers can be set to spray only during the day, only during the night or to spray 24 hours. If the aerosal is set to spray every 15 minutes there is sufficient content for a period for a period of 720 hours (30 days). It is preferable to operate 24 hours a day. Acceptable control of flies and mosquitos will be observed after two hours of metered spraying

Phone lines

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