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Over many years, lectures have been delivered at various events which have been appreciated.

Stride decided to redo these lectures and present them in a video format for interested individuals to download and view. It has also been decided that a value should be placed on these videos but that all proceeds will be going to Equine Welfare charities. In the event that you wish to consider this, please review the introduction to the lecture by clicking on the premium content link below the presentation description  – and then decide whether you wish to download that lecture, at which point you will be requested to make a contribution of a R100 to a charity. 

We hope that these contributions will be recognised as an attempt to share useful information to horse owners and at the same time make a contribution to Equine Welfare.

Thank you for your support.

Stride’s Recommendations Presentation
This is Stride’s suggested routine that could be followed in the preparation of a horse for a particular event. It includes Stride’s recommendations of company products that could be utilised to the benefit of the horse’s health. It addresses the pre ride situation, transport of a horse to an event,...
Overtraining (MC) Presentation
This presentation attempts to identify symptoms that could be picked up in a horse that is starting to show overtraining. It gives suggestions on the amount of training to be applied and describes the physical - hormonal - physiological results of over training which can be determined by blood tests....
Supplementation – Walvis Presentation
This is a presentation that reviews supplements used in the endurance sport with opinions expressed by Marc Walton. He considers the benefits to be achieved using specific supplements and makes personal recommendations. These considerations address Selenium + Vitamin E - antioxidants, joint supplements, metabolic stimulants, digestive health, energy and electrolyte...
Nutrient Supplements Presentation
This presentation reviews the reasons for nutrient supplementation and the different forms in which they can be presented. Why there is a need for supplementation in the presence of animals consuming a complete food, and the various nutritional elements that make up food resources of horses. How complete feeds are...
Liquid SeeVitE Presentation
This reviews the requirement for Selenium and the balance between Selenium and Vitamin E in the body as antioxidants. It describes natural sources and the importance of the particular form of Selenium that is consumed by horses. It also presents the difference between organic and inorganic forms of Selenium, and...
Exertional Rhabdomyolysis (ER) and Thumps Presentation
This is a review of Exertional Rhabdomyolysis (ER) and Thumps which are two physiological conditions seen in performance horses. ER can be catastrophic or mild. It describes the reasons these conditions occur, the damage that can occur and the treatment of these conditions, plus precautions that can be implemented.
African Horse Sickness Control Presentation
This is a review of the history of African Horse Sickness, its transmission and disease syndromes seen, treatment of cases, prevention of infection and general methods used to protect horses. It also addresses vaccination and misinformation. It attempts to provide a scientific view of this disease.
Blood Testing Fauries (2011) Presentation
This is a review of having blood samples drawn to review the health state of a horse, in particular immediately prior to an event. It describes the results of blood testing and makes suggestions on their use and benefit. The objective is to provide an insight into its use to...
Drips Fauries (2011) Presentation
This reviews the considerations that should be evaluated if it is considered appropriate to drip a horse prior to a performance event.  It provides the options that could be considered, plus the impact that it has on hydration status in the horse. Expensive urine or life saving?
This reviews what are electrolytes, how do they function in the body, how they are excreted, the importance of them during equine exercise and options with respect to product utilisation. What are the benefits of appropriate use, and how important they are in preventing dehydration?  
Ticks of Veterinary Importance Presentation
This presentation reviews the distribution of ticks in South Africa and highlights the main ticks found on horses (based on published literature), plus shows pictorially what those ticks look like and more or less where they are found. In addition, it addresses those ticks transmitting biliary.  
Horse Supreme Athletes Presentation
This presentation looks at the biomechanical and physiological attributes of equines which contribute to them being very efficient athletes. It emphasizes the anatomy of the horse and its physiology which has adapted to its environment and provides man with a special companion to participate in sport. It provides an insight...
Fly Control Presentation
This is a review of the 4 most important insects that irritate and/ or transmit diseases in horses. It provides an insight into their particular life cycles linked to control measures that can be used to reduce this irritation and addressing misconceptions. It presents photos of hypersensitivity and options of...


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