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Dear Stride Client,
Stride is very pleased to be able to introduce this new product in the Space Spray Aerosol market
for the control of flies and mosquitoes in abodes. It represents a new era in that the active ingredients that are utilized in this product are different to all

Dear Stride Client,
African Horse Sickness is an annual seasonal problem that occurs because of the carrier – Culicoides midges, that build up in numbers during the spring/summer period.  SA has experienced two very wet summer seasons in 2009 and 2010.  We have already seen the first

Dear Stride Client, 

It is well known that Culicoides midges are the transmitters of African Horse Sickness.  These midges feed at night.  In general we do not spend time with our horses at night and therefore are unaware of the level of irritation that is caused by midges seeking a

Dear Stride Client,

We are very excited to unveil the first edition of our newsletter which we will use in order aid in improving our communication with our friends & clients.

These newsletters will be sent on a monthly basis or so and will include information like our new