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Equiworld Fly Repellent - 500ml

SKU: Equiworld Fly Repellent - 500ml
Equiworld Fly Repellent - 500ml

Reg. No. G1857 Act 36/1947
A wipe and spray-on fly repellent for protection against house- and stable flies that also kills ticks and mosquitoes.
This is a product composed of a combination of active ingredients, viz 3 natural plant extract oils whose fly repellency characteristics have been well documented.  Limonene – an extract of citrus skin which in the USA is marketed as a green chemical that kills and repells insects.  Secondly, a derivative from khaki bush, which is mainly an insect repellent and has the properties of lingering on the skin for a relatively long time and the third essential oil is derived from pine trees and is also insect repellent.  The formulation also contains lanolin to enhance the fly repellency properties.  The product further includes the well-known and proven insecticide cypermethrin which is boosted with the well-known synergist (which also has insecticidal properties) piperonyl butoxide.  This means this product not only repels flies, but will kill any that come in contact with the formulation.  The synthetic pyrethroids (to which cypermethrin belongs) are known to be the one group of insecticides which have the least impact on the environment and are specifically toxic to insects not mammals plus have a rapid knock down effect.
This formulation is a combination of some of the most acceptable insecticides, together with natural plant extracts in an aqueous (non-flammable) diluent that also contains lanolin for skin conditioning.

This product can be used as either a wipe-on or a spray application.  The product should be SHAKEN before it is applied and it is good sanitary practice to wear rubber or plastic gloves during application.
If the product is utilised as a wipe-on, it is recommended that the animal’s coat is first brushed to remove excess dirt and dust.  Then after shaking the container, a soft cloth or sponge should be dampened with the fly repellent and this should be rubbed onto the hair coat over the whole body.  Care should be taken to avoid getting formulation into the eyes.  This treatment can be repeated as necessary.
If the product is to be applied as a spray, once again it is recommended that the animal’s coat be brushed to remove excess dirt and dust.  Then shake the container and apply the spray to the whole body.  Do not spray mist around head and eyes as animals object to this treatment.  This area should be treated by using a dampened cloth or sponge.  Once again avoid getting formulation into the eyes of the animal.  The spray application can be repeated as necessary.  The spray method of application can induce a sneezing reaction in people close to the horse being treated.  This is normally of short duration, but can cause acute distress in asthma sufferers.  Preferably treat in an open environment.
MOSQUITOES:  EQUIWORLD FLY REPELLENT was tested against mosquitoes and it was effective in killing mosquitoes that tried to suck blood – for 24 hours.  If this product is used to protect horses from mosquitoes, it must be applied daily.
HOUSE AND STABLE FLIES:  When treating for these flies, the efficacy depends how much the horses are sweating or washed.  Treat according to irritation.
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