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Stride Natural Fly And Mosquito Killer

SKU: Stride Natural Fly And Mosquito Killer
Stride Natural Fly And Mosquito Killer

This is a space spray aerosol for the control of flies and mosquitoes in abodes. It can be used in both human accommodation or in stables where flies and mosquitoes are a problem. This product is composed of a patented blend of active ingredients that includes three natural plant extract oils (limonene, tagete and alpha-terpineol) in combination with piperonyl butoxide. The patented formulation was tested at the South African Bureau of Standards, which is the official body for testing mosquito repellents, to confirm its efficacy against house flies and mosquitoes. The 3 natural plant oils are ingredients which are utilized both in the flavouring industry for food as well as in the cosmetic industry.

This particular combination of active ingredients is a mixure that has been chosen because they are biodegradable. In addition the selection of the ingredients - was to specifically ensure a safe formulation and the awareness of the need to use products which are known not to cause pollution or have a negative environmental impact. The quantity of active ingredients is formulated in an alcohol propellant system so that these ingredients evaporate and thus do not accumulate. Stride is very pleased to introduce this combination as being some of the most acceptable insecticides for use in abodes where flies and mosquitoes are an irritation and where the use of this product will help to prevent insects from entering abodes.

DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS The aerosol can is placed in a dispenser which has a time control mechanism that allows the aerosol to spray at intervals e.g. 15, 30, 45 minutes on a continuous basis. The dispensers can be set to spray only during the day, only during the night or to spray 24 hours. The aerosol can be set to spray approximately every 15 minutes and has sufficient content for a period of 720 hours (30 days). It is preferable that the machine is set to operate 24 hours a day and the can is suitable for premises up to 180m2. An acceptable knockdown of flies and mosquitoes will be observed after two hours of metered spraying. Once the dispensing unit has been placed in a strategic position, the aerosol should operate for approximately 1 month.

The placement of the dispenser should be selected on a basis whereby the spray will not be spraying over plastic surfaces, food or areas where food is prepared. In addition it must be located where it is away from any open flame or electrical equipment which could induce combustion. The container should also be kept out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals and preferably not in direct sunlight. Flies and insects enter abodes either through windows or doors and if the spray is located close to these entry points, it is likely to be more effective. The product is available in a 275 m? aerosol can and dispensers can be supplied should this be required.

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