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Stride Fly String Complete

SKU: Stride Fly String Complete
Stride Fly String Complete

Stride fly string provides a new effective method of fly control. The white string attracts the flies which immediately get stuck to the strong glue. The fly string is delivered complete with 500m string on reel. Advantages Non-poisonous fly control, No pesticides. Easy to use Easy to install Very safe and effective, catches thousands of flies Kills all types of flies PLUS pyrethroid-resistant Planning of fly string in horse stables The fly string should be placed out of reach for the horses (generally at ceiling level).

Fly string above stables: At least one fly string above each row of animals
Height above stalls: approx. 2.1 m
Max. free length: 20 m Distance between outgoing and ingoing string: 20-30 m
Distance between string hooks: 3 m Planning of fly string in other facilities One fly string above each row of animals or pens/food store. Suspension in accordance with recommendations for horse stable. Starter Kit Installation Secure the reel to a beam at one end of the barn. Draw the string above the stalls to the other end through the 2 pulley blocks and back to the reel (max. 20 m from reel to pulley blocks).

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