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Rigly Wound Treatment - 250ml

SKU: Rigly Wound Treatment - 250ml
Rigly Wound Treatment - 250ml

Rigly  Wound Treatment is for the treatment of wounds, cuts, sores, burns and abrasions in horses, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.  It aids in the healing of wounds and promotes the evacuation of blowfly maggots from wounds.

The active ingredient is a tamed iodine presented as a ointment which is easy to apply and reduces wastage.  As a tamed iodine, it does not show the typical irritation properties of pure iodine, but retains the antimicrobial properties and as can be seen from the claims, aids in wound healing.


This product should be kept out of reach of uninformed persons, children and pets.In addition, contamination of the eyes should be prevented.It is not to be used on the udders of cows in milk.Should any problems be experienced with this remedy, these should be reported to Stride Distributors as soon as possible.


The product is used as a paint-on but prior to usage the damaged area should first be cleaned and then the ointment applied to the wound to ensure that it covers the damaged area.  It can also be utilized for footrot in cattle, sheep, goats and pigs and should wounds be found to be infested with blowfly maggots, when the product is applied to these maggots, they evacuate the wound due to irritation from the tamed iodine.

The effect of Rigly Wound Treatment is based on the well known properties of iodine which is effective against microbes as well as flies - which tend to feed on the edge of wounds.  The product is available in 250 g, 500 g and 1 kg pack sizes.

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