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Rigly Skeletal Supplement - 5Kg

SKU: Rigly Skeletal Supplement - 5Kg
Rigly Skeletal Supplement - 5Kg

RIGLY® SKELETAL SUPPLEMENT contains vitamins and minerals in a presentation that is formulated to meet the requirements as a supplement for growing horses and lactating mares. It can also be used as a supportive treatment in cases where there is suspicion of calcium deficiency. The product is designed for supplementation of horses to ensure proper skeletal developments and to maintain a rigid skeleton for horses. The same minerals and vitamins also contribute to the maintenance of other sections of the body like the teeth, nervous and muscular system as well as the cardiac function. They furthermore play a role in the clotting mechanism of blood and the quality of milk that is produced by lactating mares.

RIGLY® SKELETAL SUPPLEMENT also provides a source of Vitamin A and E which are required to regulate oxidation processes in the body and have an anti-oxidant affect in epithelial tissues. The trace elements further contribute to hemoglobin formation and correct growth.

A nutrient supplement like RIGLY® SKELETAL SUPPLEMENT should be recognised as an addition to a healthy lifestyle and supplement for a balanced diet. The intention is to provide nutrients that are available and which will balance any deficiency/ imbalance in the normal diet. Recognising individual differences - and the variation of diets that are fed to horses, means that this product cannot be expected to replace good food, but can only supplement - to attempt to ensure good nutrition.
Contents per kg:

Calcium 320 g Iron 1,300 mg
Phosphorus 68 g Copper 432 mg
Magnesium 4,9 g Cobalt 41 mg
Vitamin A 25 000 iu Manganese 697 mg
Vitamin E 500 iu Zinc 618 mg
Fluoride 7 mg Potassium 66 mg
Sulphur 1,9 g Iodine 21 mg
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