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Rigly Omega 3 - 1Lt

SKU: Rigly Omega 3 - 1Lt
Rigly Omega 3 - 1Lt

An aid in the treatment of allergic and inflammatory dermatological conditions, responsive to polyunsaturated fatty acids, in dogs and horses. ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS (g/l) Eocosapentaenoic acid 14.06 g Docosahexaenoic acid 9.37 g cis-Linoleic acid 8.75 g dl-alpha-Tocopheryl acetate 0.125 g

Over 80 % of allergic dermatitis cases in dogs are flea-allergy cases, and a high percentage of allergic dermatitis cases in horses are as a result of biting insects.
THE GOOD OIL ON ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS Fat and Essential Fatty Acid nutrition is both interesting and complicated. As with anything new in nutrition, there are many misconceptions and wrongful claims.

This article attempts to explain the nutrition chemistry in simple language. The body needs Essential Fatty Acids for normal life, just like vitamins. However, the body cannot manufacture them so they must be found in the diet. Membranes such as skin, fur, nails and hair are made from protein and Fatty Acids. The health and resilience of these membranes depends, among other things, on the type and proportions of Fatty Acid available. One cannot expect soft, silky hair or shiny dog/horse coats if the Essential Fatty Acid balance is wrong.

There are many hormone-like substances in the body that control inflammatory reactions and the immune system. The ratio of Essential Fatty Acid available when these substances are made, determine the severity of an animal?s inflammatory reaction when irritated (eg l flea/insect bites causing allergies). Reactions range from normal to subnormal through to excessive. Allergic dermatitis is a common example of over reaction by the immune system to a skin irritant, or sometimes a food. In all cases of the immune system being too busy, the inflammatory regulators, made from dietary Fatty Acids are involved. OMEGA-6 FATTY ACIDS There are several of these which are found in varying amounts in cereals (mostly cultivated crops) and the polyunsaturated vegetable oils promoted to us ever since margarine arrived at our tables.

These Omega-6 Fatty Acids form AGGRESSIVE inflammatory and/or allergic agents. OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS There are several of these also and they are found in marine plants, fish, shellfish, game and other wild animals, linseed or flax, canola oil, dark green vegetables, and also in animals which eat a lot of marine food. These Omega-3 Fatty Acids form MILD inflammatory and/or allergic agents and actually block the effects of harmful Omega-6 Fatty Acid products.

Dogs: Administer orally 1 ml per 7 kg bodyweight per day, or as directed by your veterinarian. If used for flea-allergy dermatitis, flea control measures should also be used.
Horses: Administer orally 15 l 30 ml per day. Where external parasites are a problem, measures to control them should be applied.

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