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Pharlap - 5Kg

SKU: Pharlap - 5Kg
Stride Pharlap - 5Kg

Concentrated Vitamin/Mineral Supplement. PHARLAP is a concentrated formulation that contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to correct deficiencies and imbalances in the basic diets of breeding, growing, racing, performance and show horses.

PHARLAP provides extra nutrients to meet the elevated demands imposed on the equine athlete by the stress of training, racing, hard work and repeated competition. PHARLAP contains a high level of vitamin A to strengthen and repair tendons. PHARLAP fortifies the diets of young growing horses, pregnant and lactating mares, show horses and stallions at stud to promote health and vitality. Coat condition and depth of colour is visibly improved within 14-21 Days of commencing use. PHARLAP also contains the trace- element Selenium to correct feed deficiencies to ensure optimum muscle function. The concept of PHARLAP is quality and potency and balance between ingredients.

PHARLAP is designed as a foundation supplement to which other specific supplements such as:
LIQUID-E (vitamin E), HEMO-BOOST (iron, copper & Cobalt), STRESSMIX & SWEATMIX (customized electrolyte formulations), INVIGOR-8, AMINO-B (high potency vitamins) and CANZOGLYCAN (additional calcium) can be added to maximise growth, performance and reproduction during their entire lifetime. Natural yeasts, and high protein meal in PHARLAP also contribute a natural source of vitamins and essential amino-acids and promote digestive function and coat condition.

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