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An aid in the removal of encrusted exudates, control of proud flesh, promoting and healing of wounds, lacerations, ulcerations, and treatment of bacterial and fungal skin infections in horses.

POISONOUS COMPOSITION Each 13 g contains: Copper, Sodium bicarbonate, Potassium permanganate

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: IRRIDERM can be made up to different strength solutions depending on the condition to be treated. A simple product to prepare and easy to apply. Weak Solutions: Treatment of fungal infections, mild skin infections or irritations, promotion of wound healing and skin regrowth slowly add 180 millilitres of cold water to powder. Medium Solutions: Control of proud flesh, treating topical skin or hoof infections, ulcerations slowly add 120 millilitre of cold water to powder. Strong Solutions: Removal of proud flesh, encrusted exudates, and infected scabs slowly add 60 m of cold water to powder.

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