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Invigor 8 Part A & Part B - 1Lt

SKU: Invigor 8 Part A & Part B - 1Lt
Stride Invigor 8 Part A & Part B - 1Lt

LIQUID VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSES INVIGOR-8 is scientifically formulated and packaged in a way that preserves the maximum potency of concentrated performance vitamins in liquid form, ensuring maximum benefit to the horse. INVIGOR-8 is packaged in two separate parts, PART A and PART B, that go hand in hand to ensure your horse is treated equally from the first to the very last dose. Factors that affect the stability of vitamins in liquid form (incorrect pH or acidity, oxygen, light, minerals, and vitamin interactions) are overcome in INVIGOR-8.

WHY IS INVIGOR-8 THE MOST ADVANCED LIQUID VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT IN THE WORLD? Vitamins are packaged and stored at their optimum range of acidity (pH), ensuring the full potency of each vitamin is retained during storage and use. This can only be done by having two separate solutions which is unique to INVIGOR-8. INVIGOR-8 does not contain any minerals that destroy and de-potentise vitamins in solution. PHARLAP or HEMO-BOOST LIQUID are recommended as sources of minerals, particularly iron, copper and cobalt, to correct deficient diets.

The INVIGOR-8, 'TWO PART SYSTEM' allows incompatible vitamins (e.g. B1 and B12) to be separated, ensuring that maximum stability of each individual vitamin is retained from the first to the very last drop. Light resistant packaging is utilised to protect against UV damage to the vitamins. A thick syrup, flavoured with aniseed and vanilla, (old favourites of horses), ensure palatability and acceptance by all horses. Daily dispensing is easy and convenient without wastage. INVIGOR-8 does not need to be shaken prior to use, and can be conveniently positioned on a shelf in the feed mixing area. INVIGOR-8 is locally manufactured in South Africa to the highest pharmaceutical standards, ensuring economy of use (compared to costly imported products) and excellent quality every time you use INVIGOR-8.

INDICATIONS: INVIGOR-8 will ensure a daily intake of high potency vitamins to correct deficiencies and losses in the concentrated rations fed to performance horses. INVIGOR-8 promotes and maintains the appetite in hard working horses, particularly after fast work. INVIGOR-8 can be conveniently administered by syringe over the tongue or mixed into the feed. A daily dose of INVIGOR-8 will help horses perform to their maximum potential and recover quickly from the stress of training and racing. INVIGOR-8 helps promote a healthy, shiny coat to ensure horses look their best. Daily doses of INVIGOR-8 help prevent the development of the track sour syndrome in hard trained horses, picking at their feed, playing with their feed, poor doing, and weight loss. INVIGOR-8 helps maintain the appetite, aids liver function and ensures horses recover quickly, empty their feed bins and bounce back after fast work.

PRESENTATION: 2 litres containing 1 litre (Part A) and 1 litre (Part B) 20 litres containing 10 litres (Part A) and 10 litres (Part B)

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