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Fly Curtains

fly curtains

Stride Distributors offers a range of adhesive fly traps which can be used to control flies by simply capturing those that alight on the various adhesive fly traps - which then cannot escape. Stride initially launched the Stride Fly String which has proved very successful in that it offers the following: Advantages Non-poisonous, no pesticides Easy to use Easy to install Very safe and effective Catches thousands of flies Kills all types of flies PLUS pyrethroid resistant .

The fly string needs to be installed and full details concerning the installation kit are available from Stride Distributors CC. However, alternative options have been made available which can be used to capture flies in various facilities that provide an efficient means of fly control in various buildings. A narrow and wider one which includes a system for hanging these curtains in areas like stables, food stores, or accommodation where flies are a problem and where these curtains will not result in inconvenience. They are easy to erect and easy to remove.

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