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Equiworld Tick Dip - 100ml

SKU: Equiworld Tick Dip - 100ml
Equiworld Tick Dip - 100ml

This is a dip concentrate that controls ticks, kills lice and aids in the control of nuisance flies and biting flies on cattle, as well as controls ticks on horses. This product contains the pyrethroid - cypermethrin, which group of insecticides is known to have limited impact on the environment and is specifically toxic to insects and not mammals, plus has a rapid knock-down effect. The product is also approved as oxpecker compatible, confirming the safety of this product. It is a concentrated insecticide solution which is diluted with water at a dilution rate of 1:1000 (this is equivalent to 10 ml of Equiworld Tick Dip per 10 l of water). With this dilution rate it provides an economical external parasite treatment which is easy to apply.

The diluted dip wash solution can be used as a spot treatment where ticks and flies occur, or as a full body treatment. Features: Benefits Contains pyrethroid cypermethrin Controls ticks plus nuisance and biting flies Safe insecticide at recommended dilution rate Oxpecker compatible for use on horses and cattle High dilution rate 1:1000 Economical external parasite treatment Convenient pack sizes 100 ml makes 100 l of dip wash.

PACKAGED: 100ml plastic containers.

Price: R98.00

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