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Equiwash - 200ml

SKU: Equiwash - 200ml
Equiwash - 200ml

Equiwash is a lavender scented antiseptic horse wash containing cetrimide. Equiwash is specifically an antiseptic wash as opposed to a shampoo.

COMPOSITION: Cetrimide 6,0 g/l
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: (USE ONLY AS DIRECTED) The product is especially beneficial when sponging sweaty areas after exercise as the sweat is removed without the need to bathe the horse totally. Once diluted as specified, it is not necessary to rinse the horse first. Dilute one bottle Equiwash (50 m l ) in 10 litres (one bucket) of tap water. Apply all over with a sponge, paying particular attention to the sweaty areas. Do not rinse after application. Leave Equiwash on to dry naturally. For maximum results, use Equiwash regularly. Equiwash is recommended for use on small superficial grazes and cuts, especially to the lower legs. For this purpose, use Equiwash neat, straight from the bottle. It is very effective and has no adverse effects. N.B. Deep injuries should always be subject to veterinary inspection.

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