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Endurance Horse Racing


Endurance horse racing is a highly competitive sport and the only way to win is to keep your horse in tip-top condition. One way to ensure this is by providing your race horse with supplements.



Rigly Body Builder:

How it works- The active ingredient in Rigly Body Builder is a rice bran oil by-product called Gamma Oryzanol. The Gamma Oryzanol contains active chemicals, none of which are prohibited in endurance racing so it is safe to use.

Calmatives and supplements for horses

There are many disputes on when to give a horse a calmative, or to give them one at all. There is relevant data that supports the correlation between the stress level of a horse and their magnesium levels. The loss of magnesium through the horse’s sweat means the horse is left stressed and stiff.

endurance racing

Heightened sense of control
Once you have developed a relationship with your horse and you are ready to take on a challenge, you will experience a positive sense of control that is rarely felt. Even though you and your horse are a team, you still act as the leader. The sense of accomplishment that comes from such loyal obedience is precious to your heart and invaluable to your mental wellbeing.