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The Fauresmith International Endurance Ride was initially established when Landbouweekblad sparked a debate about which horse breed had the best endurance. The first ride took place in 1965 and the second one, in 1973: only 17 riders competed. It has subsequently become a much bigger, yearly event.

Riders must cross long distances over three consecutive days. This year it was held from 4-6 July – the Tuesday to the Thursday. Conditions were favourable with cold nights and mild days.

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Horses can’t talk but if you listen, they speak.

Our differing dietary preferences and requirements are made more manageable by our ability to vocalise what we feel we need to eat at a given time.  Just so our ability to communicate can noticeably alleviate stress. When your horse shows signs of distress, try to be as accommodating and intuitive as possible because that is how the animal communicates. And an ill-suited diet is in fact something that might be inhibiting calmness. 

Stride Mosquito Repellent

They are a pest to both human and animals; mosquitoes. Besides the itching, the buzzing and general discomfort mosquitoes bring, they also carry malaria. Mosquitoes are equally dangerous to your horses, as they may carry West Nile Virus. Are your horses safe? Read more below on which symptoms to be on the lookout for.

Endurance Horse Racing Products

Endurance horseback riding tracks are designed to do just that; test the endurance and skills of the rider and the horse. It is a race against the clock on harsh terrain where riders and horses are exposed to the elements. Endurance races became an official sport in 1955 when a group of equestrians rode from the Lake Tahoe area across the Sierra Nevada Range to Auburn, in the USA, in less than 24 hours.

Winning an endurance race will need months of training for the horse, and the rider must have years of experience too! However, winning is not the most important thing when it comes to a sport that requires an animal to compete. The Endurance Ride Association of South Africa’s (ERASA) Code of Conduct strictly advocates the welfare of the horse.