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equiworld fly repellent, fly net for horses, insecticidal products

South African summers are long, hot and humid. This makes for a veritable frenzy of pests that love to get their teeth stuck into your equestrian friends. Protect your noble steed from flies, midges and mosquitoes this summer with equine products to keep the bugs away and the horses comfortable.

Horses can be rowdy and adventurous creatures so occasional cuts, scrapes, bruises and punctures will occur. Knowing how to assess the wound in order to determine what to do next is crucial when caring for your horse. Here is how to recognise and treat common wounds your horse may sustain.

equine supplements, horse supplements

Every day horses are meant to consume one gallon for every 50kgs of body weight they have. This may vary slightly but it is a good estimation of how much your horse should be drinking and a marker for tracking if they are not drinking enough.

The secret to healthy hooves lies in two imperative factors: the condition of the horse’s living environment and the quality of nutrition it receives. If these two factors meet the proper standard there is no reason your horse should ever suffer from weakened, damaged or diseased hooves.