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Endurance racehorses are robust creatures capable of almost anything. However, they also suffer from nerves and anxiety. Here are a few methods you can employ to ensure horses are at ease before competition time.

Performance supplements for horses are about more than just making your horse run faster or for longer. A greater focus needs to go into supplementing your horse’s vitamin intake to assist the work you are doing through diet and exercise, and one of the key supplements in this regard is vitamin E. Here’s how your horses’ vitamin E intake may be lacking and how to fix it:


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Endurance horses are the epitome of extreme athletes, and like their human counterparts they end up sweaty and thirsty after long-distance events. Although performance supplements for horses and specifically formulated feeds are used to ensure sufficient energy production and peak performance, there is always extra energy lost through heat. This heat leads to sweating, through which horses lose both water and electrolytes, and it is vital to replace these.

Equine supplements

If your horse sustains minor injuries whether it be near its stables, en route or during an endurance race there are measures you can take to ensure a speedy recovery. From the moment they receive the lesion to the healing of the wound, we carry products to make sure your equestrian partner heals in no-time. Here are the steps you should take to prevent infection and ensure the rapid healing of wounds for your horse: