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Endurance and performance horses are hardworking athletes, and like human athletes they need enough rest. While it is true that horses can go for several days without paradoxical (or deep) sleep due to their history and adaptation as a prey species, eventually your horse will start to feel and show some symptoms of sleep deprivation.

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Horses need vitamins just like we do. Race and performance horses have a greater need for regulated vitamin supplementation because the increased activity causes their vitamin levels to deplete faster. Regular doses of B-complex vitamins can keep horses in good physical and emotional health.

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Stride was originally registered in 1998 when two companies created a partnership – Symbio CC and Veterinary Cash & Carry CC. Symbio was initially registered in 1983 but started trading actively in the early 1990’s and registered its first trademark – Rigly – in 1991.  

Performance and endurance horses, regardless of their specific sports, require a host of nutrients and minerals to remain in tip-top shape. While equine supplements and calming aids help keep your horse going, the physical exertion of their exercise can lead to a state of oxidative stress if your horse is not properly supplemented to prevent this.