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At the 120 km De Beers Black Wildebeest Endurance Ride that took place in Kimberley on the 23rd October 2010, Magdel du Plooy on her horse Sidi Aden won this event in a time of 06:32:06 at an average speed of 25:3 km per hour. 

Her closest rival came in 28 minutes after she crossed the finishing line.  Magdel’s horse also received the Best Condition Horse award.  Last year Magdel won 3 x 120 km rides and believes her motto “To ride with Stride” is the key to her success, and wishes to thank the company for the opportunity to test their new product – RIGLY ENER-GEE.


Stride would like to congratulate Danie Louw, our representative farming in the Trompsburg area, who is one of the leading Appaloosa breeders in South Africa (as well as breeding fine wool Merinos, Simmenthalers and Arab horses).

While there are over 120 000 species of flies, this reference guide will concentrate on the 3 species which represent the vast majority of the problems for humans and animals:

House flies, Stable flies and Blow Flies.

Flies have been around as long as mankind and have been found in seven continents.  It has been documented that the fly transmits deadly diseases such as typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, anthrax, leprosy and tuberculosis just to name a few.  In many instances, flies are the indirect cause of low livestock weights and poultry deaths.

Rosafield, a successful stud jerseys farm, has been awarded the Model Jersey Herd of South Africa twice in the recent years. Other achievements include being in the top ten Master-dairy-man of KwaZulu Natal, being awarded the Supreme Champion Dairy Cow at the 2009 Royal Show and winning Champion Jersey Cow at the 2009 Underberg Show.