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What to do if your horse sustains minor injuries

Equine supplements

If your horse sustains minor injuries whether it be near its stables, en route or during an endurance race there are measures you can take to ensure a speedy recovery. From the moment they receive the lesion to the healing of the wound, we carry products to make sure your equestrian partner heals in no-time. Here are the steps you should take to prevent infection and ensure the rapid healing of wounds for your horse:

1.    Calm the horse

Depending on the severity of the wound and how the horse sustained it your horse will likely experience a certain level of stress. Before you can treat the wound you will need to calm them down.

Approach the horse from the front and be sure it is aware of the fact that you are approaching it. Talk in a calm tone to draw their attention and be sure they are focused on you before touching them. Control the head with a halter and lead rope before shifting your focus to the wound itself.

Once a horse has experienced pain they may be afraid or nervous to go out or walk the same trail again later. Consider introducing a natural calmative in the form of equine calming supplements, especially if they continue to show signs of stress after the injury. Equicalm when administered for the days following the injury may reduce the horse’s chances of being injured further. The tryptophan and vitamins will eliminate any jitters or aggressive anxiety the horse may be experiencing.

2.    Disinfect the area

The most important to step is to disinfect the wound. This prevents the spread of infection which, if left untreated, will cause the animal great pain and can even be fatal. Disinfecting the wound will aid:

·         Removal of encrusted exudates

·         Control of proud flesh

·         Promoting the healing of wounds

·         Lacerations

·         Ulcerations

·         Treatment of bacterial skin infections

·         Treatment of fungal skin infections


Using an antiseptic wash like Equiwash is perfect to avoid infection in sweaty areas that may become raw from grazing. This is an efficient way of cleaning the horse effectively without needing a full wash. It is especially effective to control and promote the healing of superficial grazes and cuts on the lower legs.

Our All-In-One Hoof Spray is effective for protecting wounds especially the closer they are to the hooves. The spray can be used to treat conditions that include:

·         Thrush

·         Abscesses

·         Seedy Toe

3.    Treat the wound

The healing time of the wound will depend on the injury the horse has sustained. A tamed iodine based product will aid in the wound healing with its present antimicrobial properties. Once the wound has been properly cleaned Rigly Wound Treatment can be used to treat:

·         Wounds

·         Cuts

·         Sores

·         Burns

·         Abrasions

·         Blowfly maggots in wounds

Rigly Plastic Skin, a quick drying aerosol wound treatment, can also be used once the wound is clean to promote healing. It can be used to prevent contamination, and when sprayed on in a thin layer it will keep your horse’s wounds protected for the day.

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