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Update on African Horse Sickness by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture

western cape department of agriculture
• There are currently six (6) properties with 24 confirmed cases of AHS within the AHS containment zone 
• Since the last situation report there have been 6 deaths in the containment zone. All these horses have been sampled and will be tested for AHS 
• There has been two confirmed deaths as a result of the virus since the beginning of the outbreak, and given the 6 deaths mentioned above we urge members of the public to remain vigilant and keep a close eye on their horses and continue to make use of equine registered  insect repellents and to stable their horses in the evening and night 
• The census and clinical surveillance undertaken by the State is complete within the AHS containment zone and the data is currently being captured 
• There have still been no confirmed cases outside the containment zone 
• It is currently unknown when the containment zone and control measures will be relaxed 
• Information regarding the containment zone (boundaries and control measures) can be accessed at


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