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Skeletal Supplements: The Backbone of Horse Health

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People have gotten into the habit of taking vitamin and mineral supplements to help with their daily health and energy levels. Horse owners, breeders and caretakers have taken to using equine supplements to keep their horses in tip-top shape. More than just helping with energy levels, though, proper supplements can also have a remarkable effect on your horse’s skeletal health.

Rigly® Skeletal Supplement

RIGLY® SKELETAL SUPPLEMENT uses a supplementary formulation of vitamins and minerals required for growing horses and lactating mares. This product has been designed as an equine supplement to ensure proper skeletal development in your horse and to help maintain a rigid and healthy skeleton. Also, as a skeletal supplement, RIGLY® SKELETAL SUPPLEMENT can also be used to treat cases of suspected – or confirmed – calcium deficiency.

When used in combination with a proper, healthy diet and lifestyle this equine supplement can also assist many other areas of the horse’s body. These include the teeth, nervous and muscular systems, and it can also assist your horse’s cardiac function which is important especially in sporting animals. Another key area of influence is the improvement of milk quality, which can be a great help to breeders.

Arthritis management

Just as arthritis affects humans in debilitating ways, so it does to horses. Using an effective equine supplement such as Rigly® Gluco Lube will help to manage arthritis in your horse and even allow it to continue participating in events. It has been proven to assist arthritic cartilage through anti-inflammatory action and synthesis of proteoglycans and collagen. Rigly® Gluco Lube also uses glucosamine, which has been proven to assist in the management of osteo-arthritis in clinical trials.

Probiotics for horses

Although not categorised as skeletal supplements, we would be remiss to not make mention of probiotics for horses. As with humans, probiotics are an essential equine supplement which aids in gastro-intertinal health and function. Along with helping to regulate the invasive capacity of serious bacteria such as E.coli to improve immune status and health, probiotics also help horses to digest and process food effectively. The use of probiotics for horses such as Pro-sacc will aid in supplying your horse with a continual source of essential vitamins and minerals, the utilisation of feed concentrates and will also do wonders for the improvement of your horse’s coat.


Ask the experts at Stride Distributors cc about these and other horse supplements in South Africa. Your horse does its best for you, so let us help you to give it the best possible supplementation.


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