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Report By Tony Schwikkard From Rosafield Jerseys Farm

Rosafield, a successful stud jerseys farm, has been awarded the Model Jersey Herd of South Africa twice in the recent years. Other achievements include being in the top ten Master-dairy-man of KwaZulu Natal, being awarded the Supreme Champion Dairy Cow at the 2009 Royal Show and winning Champion Jersey Cow at the 2009 Underberg Show.

By placing the Stride Fly String reels in the calf pens and feed sheds, as well as placing the fly curtains in the labours courters, Rosafield Jerseys has gone from having an uncontrollable and unmanageable fly problem to a minimal fly population. According to the farm manager, the Stride products have been successful at controlling at least 80 % of the once unmanageable fly plague.

Not only is Rosafield getting excellent feedback with regards to controlling the fly population, but is also saving thousands of rands that were previously spent on unsuccessful but desperate fly control measures such as baits, sprays and larvacides. On top of the excellent results with the fly control, Rosafield Jerseys has also experienced a large reduction in calf scours, mastitis, three-day-stiff-sickness and even foot rot (the cows no longer seek muddy areas to lie in, in order to protect themselves from the nipping flies). All these advantages of using the Stride products are used in a completely environmentally friendly manner, unlike many other fly control measures such as fly spray. They are also hassle free because they are handled with minimum effort and time (the string requires to be wind up only once it is full and this takes a measly couple of minutes).

Tony Schwikkard is now cheerfully happy about walking through his pastures or calf pens because the animals are comfortable and are not dodging flies. He has also been thanked by his labourers who express their gratitude of having relatively fly-free living quarters.

This success story, from using the Stride fly control products provides Mr. Schwikkard with reassurance and confidence to other farmers, who have a fly problem, that the products are reliable at controlling the fly population as well as been cost effective. For any further information, Tony Schwikkard can be contacted on 0834738404.

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