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Pest Control for your Equestrian Companion

Mosquito and fly repellent

Mosquitoes, midges and flies, OH MY! These pests present a great threat to the wellbeing of your horses. These insects carry life threatening diseases, cause great discomfort to your animal and make for an inhospitable environment. Here are some ways to protect your horse and their stables from these vermin.

Mosquitoes can carry West Nile Virus, a disease that causes inflammation of the spinal cord and brain in both horses and people. Inoculations to other similar viruses will not protect your horse; they need to receive the vaccination specifically for West Nile Virus. Symptoms in your horse will range from teeth grinding and stumbling to seizures and quadriplegia. Contact your vet immediately if your horse has any of the fore mentioned symptoms and if you yourself experience fever, headaches and stiffness in your neck- do not hesitate to visit your doctor and inform them of your exposure to horses and these mosquitoes.
Don’t fret; there are simple ways to help keep you and your noble steed safe. Precautionary measures may be taken in the form of vaccines, sprays and nets. The root of the problem is the breeding of mosquitoes which they require water to do. As a preventative strategy you can make sure your property is free of stagnant water; clean your gutters, drill holes in any containers outside, discard old tyres and avoid the collection of other stagnant water.
Prevent pests from entering your stables by securing openings with mosquito nets to ensure your horse is comfortable and safe.  Stride Natural Fly and Mosquito Killer can be used to protect the stables and your home by ridding them of mosquitoes without harming your horse or family.

Culicoides midges carry African Horse Sickness, which is a dangerous virus with a notoriously short incubation period that can be fatal to your horse. Infamous as a dangerous summer pest in Orange River; midges are dangerous to all horses in South Africa- especially those who do not sleep in stables and even livestock.
To protect your horses this summer use D- fend Wettable Powder on Fly/Mosquito Sheets. The sheets will protect your horse while it sleeps at night (midges’ favourite time to feed). If any mosquito, midge or fly lands on the sheet once it has been treated with D- fend Wettable Powder it will die before doing any damage to your beloved horse.

Stable Flies are parasites that carry anything from fungal to viral diseases, diseases that can greatly distress your horse. To keep your animal safe, disturb fly breeding cycles by cleaning your stables often, killing any larvae you may find and encourage the presence of birds as a natural pest control.  Equiworld Fly Repellent can be used to kill off remaining adult flies and installing multiple Adherent Traps can prevent flies and other beasties from entering in the stables first place.
Keep your horses safe this summer with Stride- happy horse riding!

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