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Nutritional requirements for your horse’s hooves

The secret to healthy hooves lies in two imperative factors: the condition of the horse’s living environment and the quality of nutrition it receives. If these two factors meet the proper standard there is no reason your horse should ever suffer from weakened, damaged or diseased hooves.

Healthy hoof environment

Let’s start with the basics. A horse requires a healthy environment for healthy hooves. Where a person would suffer some kind of affliction if he or she were to stand on wet ground for days on end, the same is true of horses. Hooves are delicate and need to be well taken care of for the steed to be happy and healthy. Try to keep fluctuations between wet and dry conditions to a minimum – consistency is the best option for healthy hooves, though prolonged wet conditions can create complications.

The horse needs its hooves picked, brushed and cleaned often. It also needs properly fitted horseshoes.

Nutrition for hoof health

A horse needs a well-rounded diet (that includes amino acids from protein) for its overall health and for the condition of the animal’s hooves to be optimal. The tissue of the hooves is metabolically active so the horse needs sufficient energy levels to maintain healthy hooves.  It should be receiving the bulk of this in its diet but there are horse supplements that can compensate for a deficiency. Healthy hooves require:

·         Biotin

·         Choline

·         Methionine

·         Inositol

·         Zinc

·         Vitamin E

All of these (listed above) are present in horse supplements provided by Stride and they come in the form of Bioderm Forte. This is also beneficial to the horse’s overall health and these horse vitamins work to improve the general coat and skin condition of the animal. Bioderm can be supplemented every day and you should see considerable improvement in as little as two months.

Treatment for dry hooves

Applying moisturiser can be beneficial before maintenance trims to make the process run more smoothly. If your horse’s hooves are cracked and dry you can treat them with Redlands Hoof Dressing which prevents further moisture loss.

Without healthy hooves, a horse cannot function properly and it may be in pain. Make a conscious effort to improve the hooves of your horse with regular maintenance and checks. Trust Stride Distributors to provide all your horse care and equine supplement needs.

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