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Nutritional requirements for your horse

Horses require special nutrients to maintain their overall health and ensure that they can perform to the best of their abilities. Horses should get the bulk of these nutrients from their feed but they often require supplements and nutritional tonics to ensure that they are in peak condition.

Gut health

Supplements for horses aid in the digestion of fibre by improving the presence of beneficial bacteria. Such supplements also deters E.coli, Enterococci and Streptococci spp by competitive exclusion and improved immune health.

The probiotics present in Pro-sacc, a trusted supplement for horses’ gut health, lowers the pH of the intestinal lumen to create an antibacterial effect. Probiotics also contain high levels of glutamate and nucleotides which make bitter and sour feed ingredients more palatable for the horse. Supplements containing essential vitamins are also beneficial to the coat of the animal.

Coat and skin health

A horse’s skin can be sensitive and present inflammatory dermatological conditions if they are not receiving their required nutrients. When horses are given the polyunsaturated fatty acids they require their skin is healthy and their coats gleam. These acids must be added into horses’ diets as their bodies do not produce them naturally. Rigly Omega 3 contains high levels of these essential fatty acids and will keep your horse feeling and looking great. Rigly Omega 3 can also reduce the irritation and inflammation caused on the skin from tick, flea and mosquito bites.

Liver health

The hepatic function of a horse’s liver is essential to his/her overall well-being. When liver function has deteriorated the horse will show signs of stress such as hair-loss, less energy/fatigue and a severely reduced appetite. The liver function may deteriorate as a result of:

·         Plant poisoning (like ragwort)

·         Mouldy feed

·         Worms

·         Liver fluke

·         Steroids

·         Chemical drugs

To rectify this, you can give your horse Rigly Liver Tonic to counteract the hepatic malfunctions.

Overall health

It is advantageous to use an overall supplement that is beneficial to all horses – no matter what their purpose is. Leisure, working, racing or breeding horses will all benefit from extra supplements. Use Invigor 8 to keep your horses in good health and a strong immune system will reduce the likeliness of falling ill, and ensure that your horses perform to the best of their ability.

For all your horses’ nutritional requirements visit Stride Distributors, we are saddled and ready to assist you with all your equestrian needs.

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