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The Importance of your Horses’ Liver Health

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The effectivity of a horse’s liver is of great importance to their general health. Several factors can play a role in the hepatic function or dysfunction in your horse. There are, however, horse supplements that can aid in getting the liver to function healthily again.



Causes of Liver Malfunction

There are multiple causes of liver damage in horses and many are preventable or treatable. The damage may be as a result of a primary condition that is directly affecting the liver function. The factors of these conditions include:

·         Ragwort

·         Plant poisonings

·         Eating mouldy feed

·         Worms

·         Leptospirosis

·         Liver fluke

·         Chemical drugs

·         Excess anthelmintic

·         A reaction to steroids

A drop in hepatic function may also be due to a general disorder or a secondary condition of which liver damage is a symptom. These conditions include:

·         Chronic acidosis

·         Anorexia

·         Hyperlipidaemia

·         Abscesses

·         Untreated lesions

·         Hyperadrenocorticism

Signs of Liver Malfunction

You should be concerned if your horse shows any significant changes in its habit and behaviour. The better you know your horse and what to look for the easier it will be to discern what is a medical concern and what isn’t. These may be signs of a possible liver malfunction:

·         Rapid weight loss

·         Noticeable behavioural changes

·         Ataxia

·         Tremors

·         Progressive hair loss

·         Mild or even severe colic

If left untreated a horse’s liver will take on serious damage and can be fatal to the animal. It is recommended that you give your horse supplements that support liver function.

Preventing Liver Damage

You can prevent certain causes of liver damage in your horse, but disease is not always within your control. It is good practice to give your horse supplements so they remain in peak condition during competition time and at rest. If your horse has one of the abovementioned conditions then you can treat its symptoms with targeted horse liver supplements specifically designed to stimulate liver cell production after it has been damaged.

Steps you should take to help keep your horse’s liver healthy include making sure it has quality feed that is stored properly and free of mould. Scour your property for known poisonous plants that your horse may ingest. Reduce the horse’s stress factors and make sure it is not overworked.

Invest in your horse’s liver health by providing all the necessary nutrients. Rigly Liver Tonic is an effective treatment for liver malfunction and acts as a horse supplement that maintains healthy liver function. 

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