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How to Keep Your Horse Calm and Collected on the Road: 7 Essential Tips

Travelling long distances with your horse is often necessary when you’re a competing rider. It’s not always the healthiest, most practical thing to attempt, but it’s not impossible. However, there are a few things you can do to make the trip more convenient for your equine friend – preventing uneasiness and long-term health issues. Here's how: 


·         Teach your horse hauling etiquette

This is the most stressful part of the whole journey unless the journey seems to be an extensive one.  In order to reduce stress from the

                 beginning, teach your horse to enter confidently, stand quietly while closing the carrier behind him, stand quietly during your trip and at

                your destination to stand quietly while opening carrier before asking him to exit the carrier.

·         Ensure you have the necessary vaccination certificates and/or passports

With AHS in our part of the world, ensue you have the necessary vaccination documents at hand, signed by your veterinarian,  when crossing

 certain borders and/or provinces.  Without them, your horse will not be allowed in and you will have to turn around and go home, which will

be a huge disappointment.

·         Provide adequate ventilated

Fresh air will help calm your horse, especially if it’s hot, it is always wise to “load and go” standing in the carrier can cause agitation, horses start

Stepping around and make themselves sweat.  Movement will calm them down and help them to settle. Ensure your carrier allows for adequate ventilation

By opening the front vents, the back top door are normally left open for air circulation, in winter it can be closed to keep horses snug and warm.

·         Don’t forget to add sufficient feed and water

The last thing you want is leaving your horse feeling dehydrated before a race or event.  Be sure to have a hay or teff net in the carrier with your

Horse to keep him occupied and relaxed.  Should you travel long distance, have stop breaks to give your horses water, it will insure your horse feeling

Good and relaxed to go further with your journey.

·         Implement a natural calmative

If you have an inexperienced or a naturally nervous horse, it’s always a good idea to add a natural calmative to their diet to make transportation much easier on 

You and your horse.  As a feed supplement that’s permitted for racing and competition horses, Rigly Equicalm is a must-have to add to any competing horse’s


·         Incorporate a digestive conditioning program

As a natural daily program, SUCCEEDr Digestive Conditioning Program offers specialised nutrients to support your horse’s digestive system – reducing the chances

For ulcers and colic, and improving your horse’s overall immune system.  Available in an oral paste or top-dress granules, it’s a must have to add to any 

Competing horse’s diet.

·         Add non-slip flooring

Any horse that feels stable on their feet will naturally be calmer – especially when being transported.  Ensure you have non-slip flooring (rubber matting or rubberising)

In your carrier.  Shavings and/or straw can be put down as absorbent for urine.


Remember, a calm and collected horse on the road makes for a calm and collected rider – both of which are great ingredients for a successful event.  Be sure to supply 

Electrolytes for your horse after a vigorous race to prevent dehydration.














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