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How to get your horse race-ready

Probiotics for horses

Horses, just like humans, need to prepare for a race to avoid unnecessary injuries and ultimately, to be able to compete with the rest of the competitors. As with anything worthwhile, it takes time, so be sure to start implementing the following tips long in advance to avoid disappointment:



1. Get into an exercise regime:

Get onto the track with a trainer or jockey every day, between the hours of 6-10am when it’s still cool enough to train – and do routine gallops. Doing a timed workout called a breeze or work to figure out the speed and fitness of your horse is necessary in order to see if your horse is at a level required to enter a race. Gradually work and prepare your horse for a certain distance required for certain races

2. Feed a balanced diet:

Ensure your horse receives a balanced diet necessary for his or her breed – which requires plenty of energy. Fiber is often overlooked in a race horse’s diet. Feed you horse 7-9 kg of grass hay per day to maintain DE requirements to prevent ulcers as well as colic. For a safe energy source, you can also add vegetable oil to their diet due to its high digestibility.

3. Introduce equine natural calmatives:

Prevent your horse from running the race before it has started by introducing a natural equine calmative such as Rigly Equicalm specially formulated for nervous, insecure horses. By using Rigly Equicalm on a regular basis, it can do wonders for your training regime by preventing your horse from using unnecessary energy before it’s needed. This particular supplement is permitted for the use in racing, prior as well as on race day.

4. Compliment the diet with a probiotic:

Add a quality probiotic for your horse by introducing Pro-sacc to compliment the diet. This particular supplement aids in providing essential vitamins as well as micro-minerals B-vitamin synthesis to improve your horse’s overall condition – which means your horse will naturally perform better by improving their gastro-intestinal health.


Tip: Purchase a combination of products already carefully selected to avoid having to go through the hassle of finding what works well together. Supplementing your horse prior to race-day is just as important as the day of the event to improve race results. 

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