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Horse Endurance Supplements

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During endurance races, horses can experience a few issues; namely, metabolic issues, lack of energy and muscle injuries. To prevent this from happening, it is essential that all horses are given the right food, water and horse endurance supplements to either avoid such issues from occurring or to help restore them to full health after endurance races.
Your horse may face the following problems during endurance races:
Muscle Injuries
Muscle injuries can vary from mild cramps to strains to extreme physical exertion. Calmin can help improve the muscular well-being of the horse; Vigorade can be taken before a specific competition to enable a horse to achieve its maximum potential.
Back Pain and Lameness
Depending on the surface of the ground, the horse can sustain lameness; either as a result of bruised soles or suspensory ligament problems.
Back pain can be as a result of a poor fitting saddle, lack of conditioning or poorly fitting blankets (among other issues).  Indications that your horse may have back problems include reluctance to be saddled, taking long to warm up, abnormal tail swishing and a bad attitude. If your horse has back pain, visit the vet to ask for advice and to assess the severity of the pain.
Artridil can be used to keep horse’s joints health and improve the comfort of the horse’s movement; this is specifically useful when your horse is training hard.
Not enough energy intakes
Before a race, horses may not eat or drink anything due to the vet checks and the crowded surrounding. Horses need to get use to the environment. Mucoprotect can be given to your horse overtime to help fatigue and the lack of energy.
Metabolic problems
Make sure your horse receives the right electrolytes so that any lost electrolytes will be restored. Also, Hemopar will help support the horse’s appetite and digestive system if the horse is having issues due to competition stress.

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