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Help Your Horses Overcome Their Stresses



You will have noticed that we mentioned ‘stresses’ in the title, as a plural. Rest assured, it is not a mistake, as there are different types of stresses that endurance horses face. In this article we’ll give you a quick look at what sorts of stress you can expect your horse to face, as well as some beneficial equine supplement solutions to help you and your four-legged partner overcome it all.

Occasional stress

Occasional stress is especially prevalent amongst competition horses, so you will likely have seen signs of this at some point. This is a type of stress that horses face occasionally, like when being transported to and from competitions. You might be tempted to ignore this, as it tends to affect the horse very little once the travelling and preparations are complete. However, what many riders and owners do not realise is that repeating this type of stress with every competition can result in your horse developing an aversion to competitions. This could also develop into a type of trauma which exacerbates this occasional stress into constant stress while on the road and at events.

An effective way to help your horse prepare for travel is to start adding Equicalm to your horse’s feed. Equicalm is an equine calming supplement that has shown good results in endurance horses. As it is an equine supplement and not a direct injection, you need to add it to feed for a few days before the results begin to really show.

Equicalm helps your horse by providing a combination of B-complex vitamins, and tryptophan. One of the key ingredients for calming your horse here is tryptophan, which is converted by the body into serotonin. This build-up of serotonin will greatly assist the regulation of your horse’s mood, behaviour and sleep amongst other things. And, since your horse is going to be competing, you will be happy to know that the ingredients used in Equicalm are all permitted for use in competitions.

Constant stress

As natural prey animals, horses are prone to rather flighty behaviour and can be easily spooked. This often gets in the way of training, transport and performance. In the case of a horse that is constantly stressed this can also lead to other severe health problems, so you need a way to calm your horse regularly.

Due to its use of natural ingredients, Equicalm is a great equine calming supplement for regular use. Even in horses with nervous temperaments, this product has proven to improve the horse’s quality of life and owners’ ability to work with such animals.

An alternative equine calming supplement, if you want something more suited to thoroughbreds especially, is Rigly Tranquil. Tranquil offers other benefits as an equine supplement for performance horses as it helps to provide and resupply a range of B-vitamins and magnesium. These are essential to helping reduce nervous temperament, stiffness and various other muscle problems.

Why this is so important for your horse

While performance during events is important, as a trainer or owner you know that your horse’s body and mind need to be preserved in order to ensure consistent and reliable performance. This is a long term solution, these equine calming supplements are a healthy way to keep your horse in shape.


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