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Help! My horse is stressed, what do I do?

Calmatives for horses

In order to ease your steed’s stress, you must first recognise the signs of stress so that you can understand what is causing it. It may be that the horse is stressed by something in its stable, on the land or by something someone is doing. It may be small and simple to fix or somewhat more complicated. It is recommended to administer a horse calmative before the stress does damage to the horse’s system.

Is my horse stressed?

The signs of a stressed horse can be obvious or more subtle, but someone who works with the same horse every day should be able to pick up on behavioural changes the animal displays. If one or more of the following symptoms is reoccurring your horse is stressed and this will need to be addressed immediately:

·         Trembling (‘the shakes’)

·         Eating too quickly

·         Heavy sweating even when at rest

·         Excessive yawning

·         Behavioural abnormalities in the form of skittishness or aggression

·         Repetitively pacing

·         Unpredictable behaviour the trainer knows to be out of character

·         Ulcers causing significant weight loss

·         Decreased appetite (This can cause the above-mentioned ulcers due to stress on the horse’s digestive system)

How can I help reduce my horse’s stress levels?

Horses are creatures of habit. The most likely culprit is usually change. This could be as insignificant as something new in the yard that is causing it unrest or perhaps a change in its feed.

If you own/train a horse be sure to take note of any changes you make to the horse’s lifestyle or environment. This is an efficient way to ensure should you recognise signs of stress again you can retrace your steps in order to find the problem. There have been cases where, even if the stables are far away from the home, something as trivial as hanging a wind chime on your porch can disrupt the horse’s mental state.

The most significant problem is that while you try to find the cause of your horse’s stress their body is experiencing more stress with a snowball effect. Their body is taking on medical issues caused by stress, which is worsening both the condition and their stress. In this case administering calmatives for horses is the best preventative measure. This will help your horse relax as you try to rectify the problem.

If you are putting your horse in a situation you know will cause them stress like transporting them, give them Tranquil for horses to ensure the trip doesn’t cause damage. Horse calmatives can be used as preventative measures, especially for horses involved in work and sports.

This can also be the perfect natural calmative to soothe jitters before a competition and prevent shying from a performance. Contact Stride for all your equestrian product needs.

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