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Essential silky smooth horse hair care tips

rigly shyne shampoo

Ensuring your equine friend receives regular grooming is part of the responsibility that comes with owning a horse, and it can be a fun bonding experience for both of you. However, grooming is more than just adding a little bit of shampoo to make bubbles.


Here’s how to make your horse’s coat smooth and shiny:


1. Add a probiotic:

Feeding your horse a well-balanced diet is extremely important, not only for its overall health but to ensure a shiny coat. Go the extra mile and add a quality probiotic for your horse which will improve the overall health of your horse’s coat and hair by supplying essential vitamins and minerals needed.

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2. Don’t over-wash:

This may cause your horse to lose all the natural oils which makes their coat shine naturally – drying out their skin and causing extreme itching. Something you want to avoid at all costs.

3. Use a quality shampoo:

Used by professional equine groomers, try a quality horse shampoo such as Rigly Shyne Shampoo to improve the overall shine and health of your horse’s coat without breaking your budget. Remember not to get the shampoo in your horse’s ears or eyes.

4. Massage the skin:

You can either use a rubber brush, curry comb or your hands to massage your horse’s coat. This stimulates the production of sebum which is a natural oil. By brushing, you’re also getting rid of excess hair, bringing sebum to the surface. A great bonding experience leaving your horse smooth and shiny.

5. Use a fly sheet:

Coating your horse with an effective fly sheet will buff the hair and stimulate sebum production, as well as protecting your horse’s coat against insect bites and harsh UV rays. A great way to shine a coat and protect them from African Horse Sickness.


Grooming your horse can be time-consuming but oh so worth it in the end. Your horse will have a smooth, shiny coat to flaunt and you will be a proud parent!

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